Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Heathman Hotel

Portland, Oregon

Best Homemade Marshmallow Pastry and Most Beautiful Tea Room Furnishings

Entrance: When you approach The Heathman, the first thing you will notice is the festive doorman, decked out in full costume including a delightful hat.  The main hotel entrance has beautiful marble floors and leads you into the Tea Court.

Greeting: We walked up to the hostess stand and were offered a selection of seating areas for our tea.

Service: Our server was very polite.  He reviewed the tea selections with us and was prompt in bringing out our tea and treats.

Presentation: The food was presented beautifully on a tiered server.

Table decor: The tea service was classic white porcelain with a silver tea strainer and resting dish.

Aesthetics: The Tea Court, with its wood paneled walls, fireplace and cozy seating, exudes the feeling of an intimate library or study. We love the eclectic furniture with a mix of beautiful fabrics, and the large chandelier with a velvet cord cover descending from the floor above.

Tea Quality: The tea was good and our server promptly refilled the water in our tea pots.

Tea Variety: The Heathman offers 12 tea varieties: 2 black teas, 2 green teas, 2 herbal teas, and 6 scented teas.

Food Quality: We loved the food! The chicken salad was our favorite sandwich although they were all delicious.  Our favorite dessert was the homemade marshmallows - we would have eaten the entire pan!

Food Quantity: There were 5 sandwiches (smoked salmon, chicken salad, goat cheese, cucumber and deviled egg), a scone, banana bread, and 5 desserts.

Food Variety: There was a great variety!  So much food!  We took home 4 of the 5 desserts - it was impossible not to immediately devour the marshmallow treat.

Music: We didn't notice any music playing.

Lighting: The beautiful chandelier in the center of the room along with dim recessed lighting created a lovely setting for tea.

Bathroom: The bathroom had a different feel than the Tea Court. It was modern with tiled walls and a really unique rain drop chandelier that looked like a shower head.  We also liked the fancy cloth-like, disposable hand towels.

Take Aways: A lovely tea menu and lots of desserts!  There is also a cute little chocolate shop attached to The Heathman if you didn't get your fill of sweets at tea :)

Price: Average to High

Of Note: The Heathman offers a special holiday tea from November 28 to January 4 and a darling Peter Rabbit tea for Little Sippers :)

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