Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trick or Tea

pumpkin candles from Pottery Barn

One of our favorite holidays is Halloween, and we were thrilled to discover that The Ritz-Carlton Cleveland hosts a Halloween-themed tea, entitled Trick or Tea! 

The name alone makes us want to attend this tea, and it supports a good cause, Coats for Kids, as well.

The Ritz-Carlton Cleveland Calendar of Events

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Emerald Necklace Inn Tea Room

Cleveland, Ohio

Best Tea Selection

My parents' recent visit provided the perfect opportunity to sweep my Mom off to a newly discovered tea room in Cleveland.

The Emerland Necklace is a lovely Inn with a tea room that serves tea daily. The tea room offers four different tea services to choose from. We selected the Emerald Afternoon Tea. Other options include the Mary Gillis Afternoon Tea, Lilia's Children's Tea and a Princess Party. The Emerald Afternoon Tea included a pot of tea, cup of soup or salad, scone and bread plate, quiche with fresh fruit, three tea sandwiches, and Chef's elegant dessert assortment.

Entrance: The Emerald Necklace Tea Room has its own entrance separate from the rest of the Inn. Lovely plants and landscaping decorate the exterior leading into the tea room gift shop.

Greeting: Upon entering the gift shop we were greeted by a lovely tea room attendant. Our table was ready as soon as we arrived.

Service: The service was pleasant and punctual. Our tea was brought out shortly after we sat down and the food service followed.

Presentation: The table was laid out beautifully with all the tea necessities. The table contained sugar cubes, devonshire cream, lemon curd, jam and salt and pepper shakers.

Table decor: Our tea pots and tea cups were mixed floral patterns. I enjoyed the knife which rested on its own special plate. Our tea pots rested atop lovely white ceramic tea warmers. There was a two-tier server that held our breads and sandwiches.

Aesthetics: The quaint tea room was adorned in lovely florals with pictures of tea cups and such lining the walls. There was a lovely assortment of tea pots and cups throughout the room. The tea room featured a decorative mantle creating an inviting faux fireplace-look. The tables were dressed with lovely light pink cloths.

Tea Quality: I had the Lady Helen's Royal Tea which I enjoyed with cream and sugar. My mom selected the Cream au Caramel Roobois. Both teas were fabulous!

Tea Variety: Upon sitting down for tea at The Emerald Necklace Inn, guests are provided with a lengthy tea menu. I did not count all of the teas available but I would assume their extensive list would please most tea palates.

Food Quality and Variety: We were first served a lovely tomato soup and toasted bread, followed by tea sandwiches which included: tomato and cheese bruschetta, chicken apple salad and the traditional cucumber sandwich.  After the sandwiches, we enjoyed the bread and scone course. The bread selection included banana, rasin, and a blueberry scone. We then enjoyed a vegetable quiche with seasonal fresh fruit. Finally we had the dessert course which included: chocolate covered cherry, fortune cookie, lemon mandolin, brownie, cheesecake, and a pizzelle with whipped cream and strawberries. My mom and I both loved the pizzelle!

Music: There was no live music, but nice instrumental music played in the background during our tea.

Lighting: There were lit candles on the tables, overhead lighting and natural light coming in from the windows.

Bathroom: The bathroom located next to the tea room gift shop was styled with adorable tea decor. There was also a framed article discussing the proprietor of the Inn.

Takeaways: The tea room allows you to purchase from a large assortment of takeaways. They also sell an extensive variety of tea.

Price: Low

TWT :) Lindsey