Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Peninsula

Chicago, Illinois

Best Children's Tea

Entrance: The entrance to the lobby, where afternoon tea is served, is spacious and bright.

Greeting: When we arrived a host seated us at a lovely table by the windows.

Service: Our server promptly greeted us and gave us an overview of the tea menu.  At our request, he kindly substituted a cucumber sandwich in place of the smoked salmon.

Presentation and table d├ęcor: The tea service was very charming and included all the customary pieces.  The sandwiches and pastries were presented on a tiered server and the scones were served in a basket wrapped in a cloth napkin to keep them warm.

Tea variety: The Peninsula offers a selection of proprietary teas and premium teas which include 11 black teas, 7 green teas, 2 oolong teas and 5 herbal infusion teas.

Food quantity and variety: 3 sandwiches, 2 scones and a variety of tea desserts and pastries.

Food quality: The butternut squash filled pastry was our favorite.  We also enjoyed the strawberries and cream that was served to celebrate The Peninsula's 10th anniversary.

Music: Live violin music provided a lovely background for our tea.  We thought it was especially nice that the violinist performed from a small balcony overlooking the lobby.

Lighting: The lobby was very bright with lovely chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and lots of natural light from the wall of windows overlooking the terrace and city.

Bathroom: The bathroom was well-appointed, pretty and clean.

Take aways: Peninsula notepad and pen

Extras: The Peninsula has the cutest children's afternoon tea.  During our visit, there were many families partaking in tea with their children.  The children received a darling plate of tea savories and a teddy bear.

Price: High